“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

The business of buying and selling houses is one of the finest and most important in everyone’s life.

From this concept we created Moana Piutiusas: a young, forward-thinking company with experience and eagerness to expand by helping our loyal base of supporters fulfill their dreams.

Moana is about a dream, your dream. Moana is about a shared goal which brings four different people together to work with passion, professionalism, enthusiasm and, above all, happiness.

Moana Pitiusas was born from the meeting of passion and knowledge of people united by the common will of offering three highly specialized professional and technical interest’s areas in the island of Ibiza: in the real estate construction sector, in the historical estate’s restoration sector and in the luxury villa rental sector.

The company was formed in September 2017 by four founders and it reflects all their values and skills.

With exclusive management of more than ten properties on the island, Moana Pitiusas offers its clients a unique and unparalleled level of service. Each property is carefully selected and impeccably maintained, ensuring that guests experience the very best that Ibiza has to offer.

But Moana Pitiusas is more than just a luxury villa management company. In the past, the company has also bought, renovated, and sold various properties on the island. Additionally, the team is dedicated to helping property owners find the right customers for their sales, providing expert guidance and unparalleled support throughout the process.

Moana Pitiusas has big plans for the future, with a goal of expanding its exclusive villa management portfolio while keeping a close eye on the market for potential acquisitions. With its deep roots in the estate network in Ibiza, the company is also uniquely positioned to offer assistance to those looking to buy or sell a property on the island.

In short, Moana Pitiusas is the ultimate destination for those seeking a luxury villa experience in Ibiza. With a dedicated and experienced team, a portfolio of exclusive properties, and a commitment to excellence, Moana Pitiusas is poised to remain at the forefront of the luxury villa market for years to come.

Our Team

  • Nicola Dalan

    Born in Padua in 1968.
    IT and real estate entrepreneur. In 1994 he founded the informatics company Lynx Spa which, at the height of its success, had more than 1000 employees. Sold in 2016 to fully dedicate himself to the real estate sector activites started in 2002. He now operates mainly on the island of Ibiza.

  • Silvia Loni

    Born in Padua in 1979.
    She has worked in the banking sector for over twenty years, covering different positions and roles during her professional growth. In addition, in recent years, she has also dedicated herself to event’s organizations at national level and the opening of new branches.

  • Mattia Senis

    Born in Venice in 1988.
    After graduating in economics and corporate governance law, he became an entrepreneur in the sector of industrial cleaning and laundry services aimed at luxury goods. He is operating in the island of Ibiza since 2013.